At a time when groups and individuals can use new and powerful on-line tools to hurt corporate bottom lines, and when brands can be damaged within a few hours by attacks in social media, managing reputational risk has never been more complicated... or more essential.

Strategy XXI has developed a uniquely comprehensive approach to helping clients understand and mitigate reputational risks in this complex interactive world. Some consulting companies focus solely on monitoring traditional and social media. Others focus on supply chain policies and procedures and other aspects of corporate behavior. Our approach, in contrast, provides insights into a wider range of risk factors. We assess:

  • Compliance: social, environmental, governance, regulatory
  • Influencers: NGOs, activists, public officials, international agencies, others
  • Media: social and traditional media, digital assets
  • Information: cyber security, data sharing, privacy
  • Operations: supply chain, business/marketing environment
  • Political: government action, economic/social factors

Our analysis of these categories is based on a variety of assessment techniques, and enables us to create quantitative models to rate the risks. Then we provide concrete recommendations for how to reduce or even eliminate them.

Case Studies:


Communications and Positioning

Corporate Responsibility

Alliance and Stakeholder Engagement

Governments: Branding, Investment, Tourism, Information

Crisis and Issues Management

Risk Assessment and Corporate Reputation

Sustainability Consulting and Reporting