Ms. Mouchly-Weiss, founder and managing partner of Strategy XXI Partners, has received industry–wide recognition for her work in the communications field. Over the years, she has earned a reputation as a bold thinker, astute strategist, and firm believer in communications programs that incorporate a component of social responsibility.

Harriet’s broad experience in crisis and issues management has established her as a key advisor to heads of government and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Harriet has been working with China for the last 15 years as an advisor to multi-national companies. A recent initiative is creation of ReputationRiskMap, a global dashboard that provides near real-time insight on potential trouble spots for CEOs, corporate boards and others.

Harriet specializes in bringing together the corporate world, government, international organizations and activists on such issues as obesity, marketing to children, vaccine distribution, micronutrients and healthy lifestyles. She has advised the World Health Organization on communications aspects of its campaigns to counter childhood obesity and to promote healthy environments for children.

Her work with the US Toy Industry Association and the International Council of Toy Industries has involved her in providing advice to the full toy supply chain, from factories in China to major toy brands and retailers worldwide. She has helped to develop the toy industry's Code of Business Practices and their social compliance monitoring system, known as the ICTI CARE Process, which is recognized by governments, NGOs and major retailers as a standard for all industries. In addition, she has served on the boards of American Greetings and L-1 Identity Solutions Inc.

In the corporate world, some of her principal clients include Nestlé, Wyeth, MasterCard International, Wal-Mart, PepsiCo International, McDonald's and DANONE.

She is an active member of the boards of The Abraham Fund Initiatives, The Acumen Fund, Friends of the United Nations, Israel Policy Forum, UJA-Federation of NY, UN Office for Partnerships. She is also advisor to the State of the World Forum and a member of the Committee of 200.

Harriet earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Muhlenberg University and a Master's degree in psychology from Hebrew University.

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