Countries around the world compete for revenue from tourism, trade and investment in a crowded global marketplace. We have helped many to uncover the winning formulas for pro-active and successful programs, including training local citizens to become "ambassadors" for their own countries. Our branding campaigns have succeeded in turning around country reputations to create images of quality and style.

We succeed because we understand governments' public policy priorities, because of our intimate relationships with key international agencies and officials and those who influence them, and because we know how to build brands. This applies to international challenges as well as domestic ones.

Our strategies and tactics for successful campaigns are based on time-tested knowledge of what works. We have the ability to reach the right people quickly and easily in order to persuade them to engage in our client campaigns. We are well versed in social media and new technology. We have a combination of knowhow, experience, access and wisdom with a global perspective -- all dedicated to our clients' success.

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