To build and protect brands and reputations, we begin by developing creative strategies to reach distinctly different target audiences --from consumers to politicians, from business leaders to activists, from traditional media elite to critics and allies in social media.

Then we implement these strategies with the savvy use of external communications tools, including:

  • Promotion via print, electronic and social media
  • Creation of web sites and collateral material, including reports on corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Alliances with key stakeholders and third-party allies
  • Events that help raise visibility and credibility
  • Creative use of polls, surveys and other research to promote agendas
  • Thought leadership programs for individual executives
  • Comprehensive media monitoring

Case Studies:


Communications and Positioning

Corporate Responsibility

Alliance and Stakeholder Engagement

Governments: Branding, Investment, Tourism, Information

Crisis and Issues Management

Risk Assessment and Corporate Reputation

Sustainability Consulting and Reporting